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Amy Wyatt-Burton
Senior Consultant
Hollister, Oklahoma

Nadine Willemse
National Executive Director
Ontario, Canada

Stacy Walsh
Ogdensburg, New Jersey

Sara Cisneros
St. Paul, Minnesota

Courtney Adams
Auburn, Alabama

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Thirty-One Gifts Canada Inc. Statement of Typical Participant's Earnings – 2015: The primary source of income of a Typical Participant in the Compensation Plan (the "Plan") of Thirty-One Gifts Canada Inc. ("Thirty-One") is from compensation on personal and downline sales of products and/or services. Personal earnings will vary. A Typical Participant in the Plan is defined as an Independent Consultant who actively engages in the activities necessary to realize the benefits of the Plan (i.e. active in at least five of twelve months). A Typical Participant in the Plan earns between Cdn $183 and $1,993 annually. Please note that these earnings have been derived from the past earnings experiences of Thirty-One. This Statement of Typical Participant's Earnings will be updated annually.

Fall 2016circle of honour

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Thousands of women across the country have changed their lives for the better through Thirty-One. These women are just a few great examples of that. Each of these ladies is a member of our “Circle of honour,” which is what we call the women who have been featured in one of our past Catalogs.

Read their inspiring stories, and if you think this opportunity might be right for you, ask a Consultant for information about joining her team.

Jeanette Lynch

Why did you decide to join Thirty-One Gifts?

I joined so I could stay home with my daughter, who is 3, and also to help cover some household expenses and extras like sports and spa treatments. I jumped into Thirty-One after a bit of research, and I am so happy I did. I used to be with another direct-selling company, and I can say without a doubt that Thirty-One is FUN and EASY to sell! People love the products and love coming back for more – it doesn’t feel like selling at all! The sky’s the limit for Consultants, and it’s exciting to be able to share this opportunity with others.

Joined April 2015, story seen in the Fall 2016 catalogue

Dallas Borris

How has being a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant impacted your life?

Before joining Thirty-One Gifts, I dreamed of being a wife, a mother and a teacher. After accomplishing those goals, I became comfortable and stopped setting new ones. Thirty-One taught me to never stop dreaming big and setting new goals. It has shown me that I am capable of so much more than I ever imagined. It’s made me a better, more confident woman, and now I’m helping my family dream big and set their own goals. I want to show my kids the world, and Thirty-One is helping me achieve that!

Joined March 2013, story seen in the Fall 2016 catalogue

Jennie Maynard

What do you like most about being a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant?

I love being able to be ME – a business woman who’s also a mom, wife and daughter. I get to party with friends, share great products and meet incredible women. Earning money while doing it all is nice too! My husband and I have four amazing kids, including a son with a physical disability, which means a lot of ongoing expenses. Before Thirty-One, our kids couldn’t do a lot of the extracurricular activities they wanted to, but now all four of them get to do what they love, including dance, volleyball, curling, wheelchair basketball and baseball!

Joined January 2013, story seen in the Fall 2016 catalogue

Cynthia Lanoue

How has your life changed since joining Thirty-One Gifts?

Besides the great products, what I love most about being part of this company is the relationships. I’ve made so many new friends during the past three years. I love meeting new people and sharing how our products can add function and style to their lives, and how being a part of Thirty-One Gifts can make a lifelong impact. Being a Consultant has also had a tremendous impact on our family. The extra income allows us to travel and make memories together. I’ve also earned two free trips for me and my husband – one to Riviera Maya and another to Punta Cana!

Joined August 2013, story seen in the Fall 2016 catalogue